Message from the President

   With the rapid development of information and communications technology, the modern society in which we live is experiencing unprecedented change. Progress in information technology in the late 20th century heightened the value of information to a level equal to that of materials and energy, establishing an information society. Currently, it has progressed to the level where enormous volumes of information can almost automatically and instantaneously be obtained in almost every sphere of society, not just in the areas of scientific and technological research. As a result, it seems that the cliche´ about quantity evolving into quality has become a real possibility as the advent of the ubiquitous society is increasingly a reality and both the social systems and the course of science and technology have changed significantly. In the world of science and technology, computation has now been established as the third scientific methodology, next to theory and experiment, and the need for the establishment of data-centered science, the so-called “fourth science,” is already upon us.
   With the incorporation in 2004 of the Inter-University Research Institutes, the Research Organization of Information and Systems (ROIS) was established to bring together the National Institute of Informatics, the Institute of Statistical Mathematics, the National Institute of Genetics and the National Institute of Polar Research for the purpose of capturing and analyzing, from the perspective of information and systems, various of the complex phenomena encountered in modern society. The institutes, backed by their research communities, harness their own special features and promote cutting-edge research from their unique standpoints, attempting to construct new research paradigms and open up new research areas in fulfillment of the Organization’s mission. ROIS will further strive to strengthen its joint use and joint research functions as an inter-university research institute paying attention to the characteristics of each area of study. For graduate school education, the third mission of an inter-university research institute, ROIS functions as the core organization behind the Graduate University for Advanced Studies, training human resources to lead academic research in a new age.
   We hope that you will continue to support and encourage the Research Organization of Information and Systems as it pursues a new era of academic research.


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President Genshiro