About the Research Organization of Information and Systems

1. Philosophy of the organization

At the Research Organization of Information and Systems, we collaborate with the research community of universities, etc. across the country, and establish and operate a core research institute promoting comprehensive, international-level research on polar science, information science, statistical mathematics, and genetics. In addition, we aim to conduct integrated research beyond the boundaries of academic fields by addressing problems related to complicated phenomena, such as life, the earth, the natural environment, and human society, which are important issues of the 21st century from the viewpoint of information and systems. In order to achieve this objective, we have set up a center to focus on promoting integrated research, building a new research paradigm from the viewpoint of information and systems, and cultivating new fields. In addition, by providing the infrastructure to support flexible and effective development of research to research institutes of universities and other organizations in Japan and overseas involved in academic research, we contribute to the advancement of research in Japan.

2. History