Graduate Education

The Graduate University for Advanced Studies (Sokendai)

We are parent institutes of the Graduate University for Advanced Studies

Sokendai is a unique graduate university that develops top researchers using the excellent research environment and human resources of the Inter-University Research Institute Corporations. Each institute is a parent institute called "Kiban Kikan", and is responsible for education and research for two graduate courses and four departments. Many of the faculties are engaged in education of Sokendai.

School of Multidisciplinary Sciences

School of Life Sciences

Education at the Graduate University for Advanced Studies (2021)

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Graduate course Department Parent institute Number of enrolled students
(foreign students)
Number of academic degrees granted Cumulative number of academic degrees granted
School of Multidisciplinary Sciences Department of Polar Science National Institute of Polar Research 19 (1) 2 44
Department of Informatics National Institute of Informatics 97 (53) 16 209
Department of Statistical Sciences The Institute of Statistical Mathematics 39 (2) 7 98
School of Life Sciences Department of Genetics National Institute of Genetics 39 (22) 3 136
Total 194 (78) 28 487