Organizational support program for circulation and utilization of human resources


This program organizationally supports the bilateral movement of “human resource recruitment” within the organization and between universities due to the concurrent appointment and cross-appointment of researchers, etc., as well as “human resource utilization” related to the utilization of retired researchers.

1. Human resource recruitment and utilization efforts devoted to strengthening research capabilities in polar science

[circulation / utilization of human resources]
Representative in charge: Prof. Yoshifumi Nogi (National Institute of Polar Research, Vice Director-General)
Implementation period: 2017 to 2019

2. Utilization of advanced human resources to build state-of-the-art academic information infrastructure that utilizes the cloud

[utilization of human resources]
Representative in charge: Prof. Kento Aida (National Institute of Informatics, Center for Cloud Research and Development)
Implementation period: 2017 to 2021

3. Construction of a framework for organic data science human resource development that includes practitioners

[circulation / utilization of human resources]
Representative in charge: Prof. Yoshinori Kawasaki (The Institute of Statistical Mathematics)
Implementation period: 2017 to 2020

4. Support for human resource recruitment related to the life science database shared use project and cross-appointment system

[circulation of human resources]
Representative in charge:
cross-appointment system: Prof. Kakutani Tetsuji (National Institute of Genetics),
life science database: Prof. Takagi, Toshihisa (The University of Tokyo) and Prof. Haruki Nakamura(Osaka University)
Implementation period: 2017 to 2018