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06.29.2022 DSNEW
Illustration contents of TogoTV are now available on JSHG-WebCast (JWC).
06.20.2022 DSNEW
TogoDX/Human v1.1 has been released.
06.20.2022 DSNEW
The number of video contents published on TogoTV has reached 2,000!
06.09.2022 DSNEW
A paper "Online tools for efficient paper writing" was published in Human Genome Variation.
06.06.2022 NIGNEW
Steady-state chromatin motion throughout interphase
05.27.2022 DS
A paper "Advances in the development of PubCaseFinder, including the new application programming interface and matching algorithm" was published in the Human Mutation
05.16.2022 ISM
Astronomers reveal first image of the black hole at the heart of our galaxy
04.28.2022 NIG
How do genes move in living cells?
04.28.2022 DS
An Article about TogoID were published in Jikken Igaku (Experimental Medicine)
04.13.2022 NIPR
First demonstration of private 5G at Syowa Station in Antarctica
04.13.2022 NIPR
Humans and nature responsible for mid-20th century Arctic temperature changes
04.13.2022 NIPR
Melting Arctic glaciers see drop in fungi biodiversity
04.08.2022 DS
Special issues of BMC Bioinformatics on BioNLP Open Shared Tasks 2019 were published.
03.25.2022 NIG
Metagenomics reveals global-scale contrasts in nitrogen cycling and cyanobacterial light harvesting mechanisms in glacier cryoconite
03.10.2022 ROIS
How to Address Problems of COVID-19-Era Society?(Science Report 035)
03.10.2022 ROIS
Future of Humanities in the Era of Data Science(Science Report 034)
03.02.2022 DS
"MetaStanza" received the Excellence Award in LOD Challenge 2021.
02.10.2022 ROIS
Digging Deep with Novelist Shin Iyohara:We feel moved, because what moves us is there.(Science Report SPECIAL 2)
01.27.2022 DS
Video contents of TogoTV have been added and updated in JSHG-WebCast (JWC).
01.20.2022 ROIS
Digging Deep with Novelist Shin Iyohara:The Chibanian Age(Science Report SPECIAL 1)
01.20.2022 ROIS
Collaborative Work between Japan and U.K. Reveals How the Japanese Spend Their Time(Science Report 033)
01.11.2022 NIPR
Antarctic oceanographers use seals to do research where ships fear to go
01.11.2022 NIPR
Low-Cost Drone Offers Opportunity to Expand Data Acquisition Coverage in Polar Regions
01.07.2022 DS
Dr. Fujiwara will give a talk in the seminar on 27 Jan.2022.

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