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02.01.2024 DSNEW
DBCLS will begin "review process" of the NBDC human database.
01.25.2024 NIGNEW
Ancient Feces Reveals Intestinal Environment of Hunters-Gatherers, Jomon People~Metagenomic analysis of human coprolites~
01.19.2024 ISMNEW
M87* One Year Later: Proof of a persistent black hole shadow
12.19.2023 DSNEW
Dr. Chiba received the Best Poster Paper Award in The 12th International Joint Conference on Knowledge Graphs.
12.01.2023 DSNEW
Announcement of the release of new features of “TogoVar”
11.30.2023 ISMNEW
Accelerating the Phase Identification of Multiphase Mixtures with Deep Learning
11.30.2023 NIGNEW
“Metagenomic Thermometer” a novel approach to predict environmental temperatures based on metagenomic sequences.
11.02.2023 DSNEW
Change in the Operation of NBDC Human Database from Apr 2024.
11.02.2023 NIPRNEW
Enhancing the Safety and Efficacy of Drone Flights in Polar Regions
10.05.2023 NIGNEW
Heat-shock inducible clonal analysis reveals the stepwise establishment of cell fates in the rice stem
09.28.2023 ISM
First Quasicrystal Discovered by Machine Learning Algorithm
09.22.2023 DS
An Article about TogoDX/Human were published in Jikken Igaku
09.22.2023 DS
New publication in Scientific Data: "Development of an integrated and inferenceable RDF database of glycan, pathogen and disease resources"
09.13.2023 DS
"TogoDX/Human" application has been updated to version 1.2.
09.13.2023 DS
TogoMedium has been released.
08.23.2023 NIPR
Delineating the Pathways of Warm Water Towards East Antarctica’s Totten Glacier
08.02.2023 NIG
Uncovering how the Golgi apparatus impacts early postnatal neuron development
07.28.2023 DS
“PanelSearch” and “CaseSharing” have been released as new functions of PubCaseFinder.
07.19.2023 ISM
Development of an Open-Source Integrated Quantum Chemistry Calculation and Deep Learning Analysis Platform for Predicting and Understanding Polymer miscibility
07.10.2023 DS
DBCLS starts operation of RDF Portal.
06.26.2023 NIPR
Plant life determines soil bacteria diversity in the Arctic tundra
06.06.2023 NIG
Assessment of metagenomic workflows using a newly constructed human gut microbiome mock community
06.01.2023 DS
Dr. Ono will give a talk at the Japan Open Science Summit 2023.
05.22.2023 DS
Dr. Yamamoto’s research group received the Best Poster Award in the 16th Annual International Biocuration Conference.
05.18.2023 NIPR
Out of this World Control on Ice Age Cycles
05.12.2023 DS
New publication in GigaScience: "A workflow reproducibility scale for automatic validation of biological interpretation results"
05.08.2023 NIPR
Japan sets up online portal for ‘space weather’ researchers and educators
04.25.2023 NIG
A small RNA system is involved in homology recognition between meiotic chromosomes
04.11.2023 DS
A paper "CIRO: COVID-19 infection risk ontology" was published in PLoS One.
04.07.2023 NIG
Euchromatin forms condensed chromatin domain.
04.05.2023 NIPR
Snow cover in the Antarctic interior has decreased over the past 5,000 years, with a marked increase since the Industrial Revolution -Clarified from ice cores in the Dome Fuji area, Antarctica-

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