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11.25.2022 NIGNEW
The Thing Metabolome Repository family(XMRs): comparable untargeted metabolome databases for analyzing sample-specific unknown metabolites
11.14.2022 ISMNEW
Release of RadonPy: software that fully automates polymer physical property calculations by molecular dynamics simulations
11.14.2022 DSNEW
Added 14 new attributes and updated 10 databases for "TogoDX/Human"
11.02.2022 DSNEW
TogoVar has changed URL.
11.01.2022 NIPRNEW
Using Small Drones to Measure Wind Speeds in the Polar Regions
10.28.2022 NIGNEW
Rice GLUCAN SYNTHASE-LIKE5 promotes anther callose deposition to maintain meiosis initiation and progression
10.28.2022 NIGNEW
How to build the cellular machine for error-free chromosome segregation
10.24.2022 DS
A book on how to use bioinformatics tools and databases, edited and co-authored by DBCLS researchers, has been published.
10.19.2022 DS
Added the functions to create, share, and publish playlists of video content on the TogoTV.
10.06.2022 NIG
Life cycle and functional genomics of the unicellular red alga Galdieria for elucidating algal and plant evolution and industrial use
09.08.2022 NIPR
Getting to The Bottom of The Arctic Sea Ice Decline: Investigation of Heat Movement near The North Pole and Under the Arctic Sea Ice
08.25.2022 NIPR
Towards Better and Sustainable Weather Forecasting in the Southern Hemisphere
08.25.2022 DS
TogoVar has been updated!
08.23.2022 NIPR
Asteroid Ryugu is a drifter from the outer Solar System: Results from the Hayabusa2 Phase-2 Curation Kochi Team published in Nature Astronomy
07.13.2022 DS
A paper "TogoID: an exploratory ID converter to bridge biological datasets" was published in Bioinformatics.
07.11.2022 NIPR
Seal whiskers, the secret weapon for hunting
07.11.2022 NIPR
Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Lowest Ever Recorded
06.29.2022 DS
Illustration contents of TogoTV are now available on JSHG-WebCast (JWC).
06.20.2022 DS
TogoDX/Human v1.1 has been released.
06.20.2022 DS
The number of video contents published on TogoTV has reached 2,000!
06.09.2022 DS
A paper "Online tools for efficient paper writing" was published in Human Genome Variation.
06.06.2022 NIG
Steady-state chromatin motion throughout interphase
05.27.2022 DS
A paper "Advances in the development of PubCaseFinder, including the new application programming interface and matching algorithm" was published in the Human Mutation
05.16.2022 ISM
Astronomers reveal first image of the black hole at the heart of our galaxy
04.28.2022 NIG
How do genes move in living cells?
04.28.2022 DS
An Article about TogoID were published in Jikken Igaku (Experimental Medicine)
04.13.2022 NIPR
First demonstration of private 5G at Syowa Station in Antarctica
04.13.2022 NIPR
Humans and nature responsible for mid-20th century Arctic temperature changes
04.13.2022 NIPR
Melting Arctic glaciers see drop in fungi biodiversity
04.08.2022 DS
Special issues of BMC Bioinformatics on BioNLP Open Shared Tasks 2019 were published.

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