Prevention of acts of dishonesty in research activities and prevention of fraudulent use of public research funds

Prevention of acts of dishonesty in research activitie

Dishonest acts, such as data fabrication, falsification, and theft can significantly damage the credibility of scientific research. Furthermore, it can hinder scientific development, and must not be permitted under any circumstances. As a self-directed initiative to prevent such dishonest behavior, this organization has introduced a code of conduct concerning research activities, and strives to ensure compliance with this code.

<Important points regarding accusations of research fraud>

  • In principle, for a complaint to be accepted, the accuser has to indicate his or her name.
  • It is necessary that the complaint includes reasons, based on scientific rationality, regarding why research should be considered fraudulent.
  • There may be cases where the accuser will be asked to cooperate in the investigation.
  • If the results of the investigation indicate that an accusation was malicious, the name of the accuser will be disclosed and, further, they may be subject to disciplinary actions which could result in criminal charges.

Internal reporting and consultation will be carried out by the General Affairs Section of the Secretariat at the organization’s headquarters.
Reporting helpdesk (Head of General Affairs Section of the Secretariat, Headquarters)
Email: comp(at)
Tel: (03)6402-6206

Prevention of fraud related to public research funds

In accordance with the “Basic Policy for Proper Management of Competitive Funds,” this organization has established a fraud prevention plan. Every year, we verify the implementation of this fraud prevention plan by conducting an internal audit.