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01.27.2022 DSNEW
Video contents of TogoTV have been added and updated in JSHG-WebCast (JWC).
01.11.2022 NIPRNEW
Antarctic oceanographers use seals to do research where ships fear to go
01.11.2022 NIPRNEW
Low-Cost Drone Offers Opportunity to Expand Data Acquisition Coverage in Polar Regions
01.07.2022 DSNEW
Dr. Fujiwara will give a talk in the seminar on 27 Jan.2022.
12.20.2021 NIPRNEW
First standardization of black carbon measurements in the Arctic
12.17.2021 NIINEW
Automated Technique to Efficiently Discover Severe Problems in Automated Driving Systems
12.13.2021 NIPRNEW
A Song of Ice and Cloud: Marine Aerosols from Southern Ocean Help Summer Ice Cloud Growth
12.13.2021 NIPRNEW
United Nations sea treaty should help protect penguins, researchers say
11.30.2021 DSNEW
Articles were published in Jikken Igaku (Experimental Medicine). (in Japanese)
11.25.2021 NIINEW
Discovery of the indirect network with the smallest theoretical diameter in the Graph Golf, a competition to find graphs leading to the efficient design of supercomputers.
11.12.2021 ROISNEW
Protecting Private Information in Data (Science Report031)
11.11.2021 NIPRNEW
Large semi-stationary eddies whip warm water toward melting East Antarctic ice shelf
11.11.2021 NIPRNEW
Researchers track changes in Greenland ice core dust over the past 100 years
10.25.2021 NIGNEW
Comprehensive discovery of CRISPR-targeted terminally redundant sequences in the human gut metagenome: viruses, plasmids, and more
10.22.2021 DSNEW
Dr. Fujiwara's research group received the Best Poster Presentation Award in the JSHG-JSGDT2021.
10.21.2021 NIPRNEW
Twelfth century literature and space-age data help map 3,000 years of auroras
10.18.2021 DSNEW
Video contents of TogoTV have been posted on JSHG-WebCast (JWC).
10.05.2021 NIPRNEW
How Do Higher Waves Cause More Ice Clouds? Research Expedition into Arctic Sea Explains
10.05.2021 DSNEW
TogoDX/Human has been released. (in Japanese)
10.01.2021 DSNEW
The September 2021 issue of Genomics & Informatics was published as a special issue on the BLAH7.
09.30.2021 DSNEW
A paper "Reference Transcriptome Data in Silkworm Bombyx mori" was published in Insects.
07.27.2021 NIG
Estrogens enhance female-specific itch
07.20.2021 ISM
Machine Learning to Predict New Quasicrystals First step toward understanding the stabilization mechanism of quasicrystals
07.19.2021 NIG
PZLAST: an ultra-fast amino acid sequence similarity search server against public metagenomes
07.08.2021 DS
TogoID has been released.
07.07.2021 DS
A paper about the "Computation of Infection Risk via Confidential Locational Entries" has been published.
07.02.2021 NIPR
Elephant seal diving mystery solved: 24-hour feeding could be climate change sentinel
07.02.2021 ISM
Observation, Simulation, and AI Join Forces to Reveal a Clear Universe
06.28.2021 NIG
Internal microbial zonation during in the massive growth of marimo, a lake ball of Aegagropila linnaei in Lake Akan

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